6-Week Course by Dr. Rene & Dr. Annita

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Kingdom Living has its challenges! Take this master class on 1 Peter called, "A Chosen Generation." It will change your life & equip you for the good fight!

Do you have "Perfected Vision"?

The very first class focuses on "Perfected Vision." God prepares and equips His children to live life as leaders in their spheres of influence. Each one of us is designed to glorify God, and fulfill our purpose in God’s earthly kingdom. The Workbook will cover the Book of 1 Peter in more detail and will have lessons to work through using your Bible and other materials. The workbook is designed with historical, yet practical assignments. Below is the workbook outline.

Athena Dean Holtz

"Rene Rochester is the real deal. Full of truth and quality content that will add value to your life. Highly recommended!" 

Athena Dean Holtz - Founder/Publisher at Redemption Press

Zowee Jamison Shanks

"She is a phenomenal teacher of the Word of God! Her passion and her energy is contagious! Today listening to her I repented in my seat for my sticking thinking! I met her today and I have truly been changed! Thank you Dr Rene’ Rochester for your love of God and His people! The Bible states, follow me as I follow Christ! You are indeed a Woman of God to follow!!!!" 

Zowee Jamison Shanks - Author, Founder of Emily's Home & Former Counselor


The Walk-Through 1 Peter

The Bible study course book will cover the following material:

  1. God is with you in the tough times: Know that you are His child 1:1 – 12
  2. Learn how to make it through suffering: Trust and Surrender 1:13 – 3:12
  3. Learn ways to handle difficulty and live victoriously while suffering 3:13 – 4:19
  4. How is the church to function when suffering? 5:1 – 14

Our teaching focus will integrate 5 areas:

  • To know who you are as a royal (child) and ambassador (citizen and representative)
  • Maintaining consistency in the Word (the bi-laws)
  • Deepening an understanding through the personal ministry of the Holy Spirit (governing the earth through us as earthen vessels),
  • Learning to navigate your terrain (God-ordained assignment and parameters),
  • Understanding the creation principles of seeds – Original Genesis principles -what we nurture grows.

Class goals are to encourage, challenge, and empower each participant through study and fellowship in the Word of God. We will use 1 Peter as a guide as we learn

  • biblical terms - going back to original context and intent of significant words
  • the importance of vision
  • spiritual warfare, battle fatigue, and discouragement
  • pedagogy of freedom – it’s a training ground
  • God’s sovereignty – What He requires and how He has already equipped us

Course Materials: Your Bible, The Chosen Generation Handbook, and handouts. Participants are encouraged to dedicate a notebook to the class for notes. The course site will also have a discussion board for interactive questions and answers.

The class will run for six weeks for one low price!

There is a table of contents for the lessons. Lessons will build on each other so it is important to cover them in order.

Course Prerequisites: There are no prerequisites for this class but this class will need to be taken before registering for the second class.


"Dr. Rene has always challenged me to dive deeper into the word and what the Lord has for all of us." 

Doug Marsee - Public School Teacher


"Her love for the LORD shown in her passion and desire to see men and women to know CHRIST, know their identity through HIM and be built up in HIM reaching maximum potential and fulfilling purpose. I recommend tuning into her teachings." 

Anthony Piper - UPS Driver

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