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Addressing the Kaleos

Just like newborn babies, who are fully dependent on their mothers in their first few months, so too, are newborn Christians depedent on their mentors for spiritual nourishment. Dr. Rochester speaks to our Kaleos about the importance coming along side their "newborn" Christian kids and helping them learn how to grow in that relationship.
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Dr. René Rochester – Go Fish

Rene Rochester, the founder of the Kaleo Program at KAA, returned to challenge the staff to “Go Fish”–her text was Luke 5-1-12, when Jesus called the first disciples and told them they would be fishers of men. This summer, KAA staff will be welcoming “fish” of all shapes and sizes, but Jesus will be calling…
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Dr. René Rochester – Go And Grow

Many kids gave their lives to Christ this week. Dr. Rene Rochester encouraged them to go on from here and to continue to grow in Christ, warning them of temptations and struggles to come, but giving them hope and encouragement that a life with Christ is possible because He empowers them
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Dr. Rene Rochester – Working With Teens Today

Dr. Rene Rochester goes over trends to effectively minister to teens, drawing upon her years of ministry and as a HS instructor.
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Dr. René Rochester – Talking To Kaleos

As this camp week drew to a close, Dr. Rene Rochester spoke with the Kaleos about following up with their campers in the city. This years theme was “Follower” and her challenge was to follow the campers and disciple them into ‘fishers of men.”
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Dr. René Rochester – Kaleo Bible Study

Dr. Rene Rochester teaches women to value themselves not only as children of God, but as DAUGHTERS of the King. Dr. Rene emphasizes the importance of valuing the role of women, and that God created men and women uniquely, but equally, to work side by side to fulfill His purposes.
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