Positioned for the Exchange: Who Will Impact the Next Generation
Paperback – April 1, 2002



In a relay, the passing of the baton is where the race is won or lost. Both the incoming and outgoing runner must be in the proper position for the exchange. Using this analogy, Dr. Rochester explains how adult leaders should run their leg of the race with endurance to make an effective transition to the next generation. “Positioned for the Exchange” will . . .
7 Empower you to reach today’s teen by understanding how they think and learn.
7 Rekindle your passion to learn relevant teaching methods.
7 Familiarize you with knowledge, skills, and competence to work with individuals in diverse populations.
7 Demonstrate how the church, family, school educators, and community members can work together to reach today’s youth.

Discover how educators, parents, and church leaders can work together to meet the needs of youth in their local communities, teaching the next generation the fortitude and skills required to finish the race.

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Winepress Pub (April 1, 2002)