The Devotion: Matthew 5:14,16

The Devotion: Matthew 5:14,16

If you are just rising you may be seeing yesterday’s Devo and today’s too! ☺️
Good morning family,
It is Friday!! The weekend is here! It is time to get a little rest from a busy week. The routine for me on most weekends is to get through Friday and Saturday morning do a different kind of work and that is to “clean house”! One job is to vacuum the carpet.
When we were young girls, we knew to vacuum while it was daylight, so you could see the areas that needed to be cleaned. I liked it because you could see your progress once you covered an area. I didn’t have to make the vacuum “do what it was designed to do, I just had to plug it in, turn it on and get it to the places that needed to be cleaned.
Jesus calls us the light of the world, and then tells us to let our light shine! “We are light 💡, if He is in us… light does not have to do light, it is light and when it is plugged into its source, like the vacuum, it is ready to function as it is designed. When we know who we are as The Lord described us, we can live life just being light in darkness not trying to do light everywhere we go.
We are human “beings”, not human “doings” Just be light today and rest in being that child lighting up a room.
“You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. In the same way, let your good deeds shine out for all to see so that everyone will praise your heavenly Father.”
Matthew 5:14,16
Have a great weekend!
🙏🏾4U ❤️ Doc


Dr. René Rochester is the CEO and founder of Phat Star® Learning, formed over 10 years ago to serve urban youth, youth workers and impoverished communities. In our formative years we spent much of our time training inner-city urban youth workers. As the designer of the Kids Across America Kaleo Program, Dr. Rene had the opportunity to serve thousands of youth workers from around the country for over 10 years. During recent years, she has been very concerned with the state of education in our country especially among African American youth.

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