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About Phat Star Learning

PHAT STAR Tutoring is more than a program. It's a community collaborative effort to educate and empower our youth!

PHAT STAR Learning, LLC is designed to serve churches, ministries, schools (K-college) and athletic teams with products and services designed with cultural relevance. Our goal is to equip individuals with the frameworks and tools to excel to their maximum potential in the areas of academics, athletics and spiritual development.


  • 51% of African American students compared to 72% of Caucasian students graduate from high school.

  • Students performing below their grade level can be found in schools with high academic success rates.

  • Millions of Americans read below the 8th grade level.

  • Students suffering from an undiagnosed learning disability can find school frustrating and drop out.

  • Students struggle in school for several reasons; environmental, cultural, or economic disadvantages.

  • A majority of juveniles coming before courts are functionally

  • As drop-outs increase, so does the juvenile detention population!

There has been much conversation about closing the achievement gap among diverse student populations. PHAT STAR™ TUTORING is committed to closing “the gap”. PHAT STAR™ is more than academic after school assistance; it is a community collaborative effort to serve youth, their parents/guardians and classroom teachers.