Dr. René is the Founder & CEO of PHAT STAR® Learning

PHAT STAR® Learning LLC is a community collaborative effort to educate and empower our youth through quality academic assistance & mentorship. PHAT STAR®(which stands for Preventive Holistic Adolescent Training: Serving Teens At Risk) is designed to serve churches, ministries, schools (K-college) and athletic teams with products and services designed with cultural relevance. The goal is to equip individuals with the frameworks and tools to excel to their maximum potential in the areas of academics, athletics and spiritual development. We also empower communities to address the needs of at-risk teens by providing intervention strategies and resources.

Your Dream Team

Dr. René & Dr. Anita have worked together in Education for over 20 years. They are the masterminds behind Dr. Rene's PHAT STAR Learning program. Discover more about these powerful educators.

Dr. Rene Rochester - Phat Star Learning - 2018

Dr. René Rochester


Dr. Annita D'Amico



  • 51% of African American students compared to 72% of Caucasian students graduate from high school.

  • Students performing below their grade level can be found in schools with high academic success rates.

  • Millions of Americans read below the 8th grade level.

  • Students suffering from an undiagnosed learning disability can find school frustrating and drop out.

  • Students struggle in school for several reasons; environmental, cultural, or economic disadvantages.

  • A majority of juveniles coming before courts are functionally

  • As drop-outs increase, so does the juvenile detention population!

What Others Have to Say

"Rene Rochester is the real deal. Full of truth and quality content that will add value to your life. Highly recommended!"

Athena Dean Holtz
Athena Dean Holtz

Founder/Publisher at Redemption Press

"She is a phenomenal teacher of the Word of God! Her passion and her energy is contagious! Today listening to her I repented in my seat for my stinking thinking!"

Zowee Jamison Shanks
Zowee Jamison Shanks

Author, Founder of Emily's Home & Former Counselor

"Dr. Rene has always challenged me to dive deeper into the word and what the Lord has for all of us."

Doug Marsee

Public School Teacher

"Her love for the LORD shown in her passion and desire to see men and women to know CHRIST, know their identity through HIM and be built up in HIM reaching maximum potential and fulfilling purpose. I recommend tuning into her teachings."

Anthony Piper

UPS Driver

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Dr. Rene is grateful for the opportunity to speak at churches, retreats, colleges, schools and other venues across the country. If you are interested in a dynamic & engaging speaker to keynote your event or facilitate training, please discover more.


There has been much conversation about closing the achievement gap among diverse student populations. PHAT STAR'S Tutoring service is committed to closing "the gap." We provide academic after school assistance and partner with communities in a collaborative effort to involve and serve youth, their parents/guardians and classroom teachers.

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