Dr Rene Team

Dr. René Rochester, EdD

Dr. René Rochester is passionate about education and training. She is the CEO of PHAT STAR® LEARNING. René was a dual athlete at the University of Texas at Austin in basketball and track. In 1999, she was the first African American to earn a doctorate of health education from The University of Texas at Austin. She has 30 years of hands on experience with as a teacher of youth and those who serve them. René serves as an adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary and also teaches at a local high school in TN.


Dr. Annita D’Amico, EdD

Dr. Annita D’Amico has a passion for encouraging individuals of all ages to walk in spiritual health and personal growth. She believes youth especially need guidance in understanding their need for authentic community in this world of Twitter encounters. D’Amico has worked as a group therapist and director of a young women’s Group Home where she incorporated a whole-family outreach program.

She is Director of Common Care Coaching at Cornerstone Medical and co-facilitator for Phat Star® Learning. She serves as an adjunct professor and has written a series of “Caring for You” articles, and is currently co-authoring The Culturally Wired Brain: Your Mother Tongue of Learning.

D’Amico holds a B.S. and M.S. from the University of Missouri and an Ed.D. from Regent University.