Discover how your impact can be long-lasting!

This Free Shaping of a Teacher Webinar Series is hosted by Dr. Rene "Doc Roc" Rochester from PHATStar Learning. It's every Monday night until mid-August. She will share how every teacher is a leader, but not every leader is a teacher. You'll also learn what is an effective teacher, how to grow spiritually, and how to combat the "noise" in your life, and MUCH more. The webinar is LIVE and there will be time for Q and A at the end of the session. Fill out the form below and we will send you a link to the upcoming webinar.


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"Dr. Rene has always challenged me to dive deeper into the word and what the Lord has for all of us." 

Doug Marsee - Public School Teacher

Here's What You'll Learn

What is your Gift

Discover your gift and calling established in glory

How Teaching is Leading

Learn why "to teach is to lead."

Why your Story matters

Gain insight into why your story is important

How we were knit to learn

We are natural learners. The Most High made us that way!

How to Encourage Others

You have the ability to uplift and inspire the lives of others

How to Build a Mind Profile

Building the profile of a mind