Peter 1:3 ESV

June 10, 2022 Good Morning 😃! Thinking about choosing to walk 🚶🏾‍♀️in love ❤️and joy 😁today! I will have an opportunity to meet and greet a lot if people this weekend. The choice is mine to smile and speak, or keep my head down and “act” focused and on a “mission”. 😕 If we are

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The Witness!

Preparing for Pentecost… June 3, 2022 Who was there? Who knows what was declared? Who knows the intended purpose? Who knows the price paid? Who intervenes and empowers? “The Witness!” The Holy Spirit A witness is one who testifies and serves giving evidence or proof of something’s existing. The Holy Spirit was at the creation

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Malachi 3:6 ESV

Hey my friends, been away for a while finishing school and needing space and time to write! Back to A Word for the day with Dr. René! June 2, 2022 Good evening! I know you usually receive your Word for the day in the morning, but…things were already moving when I rolled out of bed

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